Medical & Health Facilities 

At EVS Pro we pride ourselves on working closely with our partners to customize our programs to meet their unique needs.

The medical and healthcare support services require close attention to detail and respect for privacy. Because medical facilities serve the needs of those in less than favorable conditions, it is our job to ensure their confidence in the cleanliness where their healing will take place. The full range of services offered by EVS Pro will provide the consistency and reliability necessary to keep the system running in one of the most important industries.


The regulations for cleaning healthcare facilities are constantly changing which means you need a cleaning company that knows those standards and can provide the quality of service you need. We know and understand the critical nature of healthcare surface disinfection, and take this aspect of our cleaning services seriously. When it comes to healthcare facilities cleaning needs, we don’t compromise. Our standards were developed based off the best practices and procedures for the industry as established by: OSHA, HIPPA, EPA, CDC


Administrative & Business Facilities 

EVS Pro is providing focused and consistent support services that drive quality results. We offer full-service housekeeping, culinary, and facilities management support to meet the needs of your organization.

Whether you need custodial services to help keep your facility always impressive , or need a deep janitorial service after hours, EVS Pro has the cleaning experts to meet your needs. Our team of highly trained porters and cleaning experts take the time to ensure that your office, lobby or conference room look their best.
We know how important it is to have a clean office for the first impression of your clients and the overall health of your employees.

Bank & Financial Institutions 

Banks and financial institutions play an important role in a business’s day-to-day functions and personal banking. Therefore, it is imperative to have a clean lobby and office to welcome clients, and to make them feel comfortable with entrusting your financial institution with their financial needs. Investing in a commercial cleaning service, such as EVS Pro will ensure that your office will always look its best, making clients of all industries feel welcome at your facility.
You can trust EVS Pro to consistently providing you with a professionally cleaned work environment for your team and a great first impression for your customers.

Government Facilities

As a pillar in most communities, government buildings see a lot of traffic through their doors every day. With high volumes of traffic, government buildings need daily janitorial services to ensure they are maintaining their clean appearance. As such, each government building has its own requirements for cleaning standards while maintaining security.
Our approaches are based on tested and proven standard operating procedures that are customized to your needs, ensuring dependable, quality services that are on time, every time.
From facility operations and maintenance to custodial and food services, we offer the right solutions designed to meet your requirements.

Property Management Buildings

Property management is demanding. There’s always something more urgent than what you already have on your list.
EVS Pro understands the demands you face. Our property management cleaning services alleviate one of your biggest challenges — keeping your property clean.
At EVS Pro, we specialize in helping property managers and owners of apartment buildings and multi-tenant facilities to prepare apartments for new tenants after previous tenants move out. We also specialize in cleaning and maintaining clubhouses and common areas around complexes.

Senior Living Facilities

As part of our commitment, we work alongside you to specifically tailor our services to fit seamlessly into your culture, initiatives, and community to best support your brand and your residents’ lifestyle.
From offering restaurant style dining amenities to providing personalized housekeeping services, and making sure your community’s curb appeal is beautifully kept, we are here to meet your needs.

Educational Facilities 

Every campus, no matter the size or student population, is unique, that’s why we create a program that fits your specific goals and objectives. With this plan, you can rest assured that your campus will be efficiently managed from day one.
As part of our commitment, we work alongside you to cultivate a captivating campus environment that promotes learning and provides a space that students, staff, and guests alike will feel comfortable in and enjoy.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Different production and manufacturing warehouses in various industries must adhere to differing cleaning standards established for their particular industry.
EVS Pro has teams of dedicated professionals who are trained in the various industry standards of cleaning, ensuring that your production or manufacturing warehouse is meeting and exceeding your pre-established cleaning standards.

We understand that every facility is unique, which is why we design an industrial cleaning services task schedule specific to each and every facility we serve.


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