Sustainable Cleaning

EVS Environmental Services

The Professional Cleaning of a medical facility, not only requires proper certification, but also close attention to detail and respect for privacy. Because medical facilities serve the needs of those in less than favorable conditions, it is our job to ensure their confidence in the cleanliness where their healing will take place. The full range of services offered by EVS Pro will provide the consistency and reliability necessary to keep the system running in one of the most important industries.
With industry-leading EVS training videos, proprietary technology tools, quality assurance measures, and multi-tiered infection prevention programs, we are able to provide consistent results throughout your medical facility.

As your partner, we will work to seamlessly become a part of your team and build relationships across departments for increased efficiency, a more positive patient experience, and, ultimately, better cleanliness outcomes.

As your EVS support service partner, we will provide you with:

  • A robust, on-site management team that supports frontline team members and provides exceptional service to the entire hospital team
  • Knowledgeable frontline team members that are well-versed in infection prevention programs, proper cleaning protocols, hospitality-driven, patient-focused communication techniques, and cross-departmental support
  • Comprehensive quality assurance and patient satisfaction programs that measure performance and hold us accountable to our results