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At EVS PRO, we strive to provide exceptional commercial cleaning services through our dedicated and highly-skilled professionals. Our top priorities include delivering honest and reliable services while ensuring customer satisfaction at all levels. Our quality assurance process includes:

  • Recruiting and training qualified, background checked experienced candidates
  • Training and certification regularly for new team members as well as refresher and new courses on safely using new machinery, cleaning products and the like
  • Regularly measuring performance during reviews, providing honest, direct feedback through a tiered supervision system to respond quickly and effectively to any issues or concerns
  • Account/Relationship Manager who continuously monitors, evaluates and updates each customized customer service plan, ensuring client needs are met and exceeded
  • Recurring quality control inspections, visiting customers
  • Integrated communication system that allows for instant feedback, response times, tracking overall performance and improves efficiency and quality
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Extraordinary service & Exceptional results


Values – We Value Honesty, Integrity and Punctuality


Solutions – Listening Attentively to the Needs of Our Clients and Continuous Research and Implementation of the New Cleaning Practices

Provide best services


Trust is the cornerstone to all customer experiences. It can’t be built in a day, but it can be destroyed quickly. Focusing on each customer individually instead of rushing to get things done can help create a long-term relationship of trust.

EVS PRO has a reputation of expertise and trustworthiness among our clients, partners and suppliers, EVS PRO consistently exceeds customer expectations through our customized, consistent quality cleaning services. Customers select EVS PRO based on our reputation, experience, knowledge on cleaning science, capability and latest equipment and technology. With a history spanning 20 years, our company has been proud to be of service to a multitude of clients as they have grown over the years. 


Professionalism- We are Your Passionate, Proactive and Preferred Partner


Reliability- We Strive to Act with Responsibility, Integrity and Respect towards Our Staff, Our Customers, The Community and The Environment.


Outstanding Performance through Organized Action and Optimum Results

Skilled Partners

Our Team – The Best of the Best!

At EVS PRO, we know how important it is to keep your facility looking its best and create a clean, healthy environment for everyone. Our highly experienced team puts customers first, working closely with them to develop a custom program so that they achieve the best results. EVS PRO trained, reliable experts are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of cleanliness assisting you in any way they can to create the perfect services tailored to fit your own individual needs. With regular and thorough maintenance, we’ll ensure that your space stays professionally cleaned and sanitized at all times! 


This is why the importance of hiring a trusted commercial cleaning service is vital to ensure increased productivity, improved focus, higher quality standards and better impression on clients.


At EVS PRO, we realize how critical it is for you to have a cleaning services partner you can trust. We are here for you as a trusted, competent professional and loyal service partner that works with you every step of the way to deliver customizable program that meets your needs and keeps your facility professionally cleaned at all times. Our goal with you as our partner is to build a long term relationship based on trust, understanding, professionalism and strong communication and control.

Why is clean office important?

A clean office benefits both customers and employees in many ways. It’s important to keep in mind that a dirty or messy office reflects poorly on the company and a well cleaned facility will benefit your customer’s first impression.

It’s also important to ensure employees have a safe, clean environment to work in. This will allow them to remain healthy and increase overall productivity. Good Air Quality lowers employee exposure to hazardous substances. A buildup of dust, lint, and pollen can create breathing hazards for everyone in the office, triggering asthma attacks, stuffy noses, and other uncomfortable health issues.

Hygiene levels can affect a business in terms of productivity, business image and staff morale. Through our hygiene and infection prevention programs we keep high scores of keeping employees at work especially during flu season.

Enjoy your clean facility with EVS PRO!

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