An Impression is created in 7 seconds 1

An Impression is created in 7 seconds 

Making a good first impression is critical for success in business, since it educates people about your brand, enhances customer relationships, that may result in positive referrals, and impact sales. Positive first impressions – ideas, good feelings and favorable opinions of your service, product and office space, formed without conscious thought can positively influence an engagement or buying decision.

Forbes states that you only have seven seconds to make an excellent first impression, so it is important to think about those areas in your business where people form impressions. Positive brand perception, for example, creates confidence in your business, drives loyalty and retention. Branding communicates your message, often before prospective clients actually meet you, informing decisions that can support a long term business relationship. 

Other areas that support positive first impressions include your office reception area. Cleanliness, organization, how prospective clients are greeted and having a positive experience when interacting with your team, all create lasting impressions of your business.

Here are some guidelines for consistently creating a positive first impression and why first impressions are a crucial element in building a  prosperous and sustainable business.

3 ways to quickly create a positive first impression

Making a positive first impression fast increases trust of potential clients, suppliers, partners and employees. Creating a positive initial impression sets the tone for your professional relationships and demonstrates your professionalism and readiness to be a good partner.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Professionalism, friendliness and interest in your prospective clients needs are important communication skills that form a first impression. Princeton University found that people make judgements on attractiveness, likability and trustworthiness within a fraction of a second after seeing someone. So, even when presented with lots of opposing evidence, we tend to rely on our own initial impressions of people.

Express Reliability

A business relationship is built on reliability. So, always return calls, texts or emails within 24 hours. And, during conversations, avoid taking phone calls, texting or  being distracted. Being  focused and interested in existing and prospective clients’ needs allows you to provide suggestions for improving their business. It also gives your clients confidence that you will know how to handle any potential issues that come up in the future.

Bring Value

Listening to clients, researching their industry and thinking about ways to help grow their business, increases your value in a clients mind. Consistently demonstrating knowledge and proficiency in responding to their questions and requests also creates lasting impressions that increase your value over time.

Final Impressions 

Each time you engage with your client, leave them with a positive final impression. Express your appreciation and enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with them. Let them know you are optimistic about their business and see yourself as additive to their success. Thanking them for the meeting or opportunity to be of service and that you look forward to a long-term relationship. 

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