Janitorial Excellence: Making the Invisible Impact

Janitorial Excellence: Making the Invisible Impact 1

Janitorial Excellence: Making the Invisible Impact

COVID-19 created significant challenges for businesses around the world that
were caught by surprise when the global pandemic forced millions of people to
suddenly telework from home or significantly adjust their work schedules.

That being said, there were many companies deemed “essential” whose
employees continued showing up to work, such as hospitals, grocery stores,
manufacturing units, and others. They were required to follow new Federal,
State, and Company protocols to minimize the spreading of the virus. Many
companies are retaining the practices they adopted last year and are
continuing to implement new working methods in their commitment to
safeguarding their employees, customers, and partners.

During the pandemic, EVS PRO’s priority was ensuring our clients felt safe and
confident. “Being a science-based cleaning company, we are highly conscious
of the virus, and other invisible health threats and know when and how to
clean and disinfect,” said Tim Penev, EVS PRO Regional Director. Customers
appreciate Tim’s background in Biotechnology, which gives him in-depth
knowledge of UVC light, Ozone disinfection, and other methods that help
reduce the spread of the many viruses and bacteria.

Unintended benefits from your Experienced Commercial Janitorial Service

A NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizations) study found that
people working in a cluttered environment were distracted by 41%. Companies
potentially lose out on 4 hours of employee productivity daily due to
distractions. This includes searching for misplaced items, which causes the
average worker to waste close to one week a year. Therefore, in addition to
deep cleaning and disinfecting workspaces to prevent spreading germs,
keeping workspaces well organized can impact your bottom line.

A cluttered workplace can impact employee productivity as well as potentially
cause anxiety and stress. Maintaining a clutter-free environment helps
employees focus and think more clearly, producing better results. Multiple
studies have also shown that an uncluttered, organized workplace boosts
employee satisfaction and workflow. Clearing out cluttered areas has been
shown to increase creativity and paves the way for implementing other
strategies to boost work environment productivity, such as temperature, light,
providing the right equipment and organization of employee work stations.

Cleaning & Wellness

Wellness, which is a $1.5 trillion dollar global market evaluation, is defined as a
state of active persuasion of goals that lead to a state of holistic health. Simply
stated, wellness is the quality of being in good health as an actively sought

Consumers view wellness from a much broader and sophisticated lens,
encompassing fitness, physical and mental well-being and appearance.
Googling “wellbeing” produces 1,240,000,000 results in just 57 seconds, which
is consistent with consumer spending on products that improve health, fitness,
nutrition, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness. Good hygiene and cleanliness
play a major contributing role in the overall mental peace and well-being of an

EVS PRO plays its part as a contributing factor in making the environments
clean, green, and beautiful, which supports the physical and mental well-being
of our clients.

Since 2001, our team has consistently followed the principles of excellence,
integrity, compassion, and gratitude towards all our clients. We focus on
delivering the highest quality results as a reliable and flexible Commercial
Cleaning Service provider as evidenced by many long-term contracts and
referrals. By offering a Customized Cleaning Service plan designed to
specifically meet the unique needs of different industries we continue to
delight customers in the Chicagoland area.

EVS PRO knows a clean environment contributes to wellness. Our research,
documented approach, methodology, and operation process help to ensure
that we consistently exceed the expectations and unique needs of our clients.

Transforming the way we do business

Customers form an impression of you and the company and begin evaluating
and making decisions about your business as soon as they walk into the
building. From customer service to the overall look of your facility – all of these
elements shape the customers’ perception of your business and how you will
add value to theirs. Your first impression also impacts customer decisions
about engaging with your business; therefore, cleanliness and hygiene play a
crucial role in growing and sustaining your business.

EVS PRO cleaning standards are based on four things: 1) Best cleaning and
disinfection practices and procedures, 2) OSHA general industry standards and
EPA Guidance, 3) Internal customer policies and procedures for cleaning. 4)
Anticipating events that may impact the safety, well-being, and productivity of
clients. In addition, our research and cleaning science lexicon continually
implement new standards for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the
facilities. We ensure that your office always looks its best, making clients of all
industries feel welcome at your facility.
We work alongside you to cultivate a captivating environment that promotes
learning and provides a space where employees, staff, and guests alike will feel
comfortable and enjoy working. Our dedication to providing the best cleaning
services around helps to protect the health of the employees, faculty, and
staff. From the basic cleaning of dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning and
floor maintenance, EVS PRO can clean every space to keep employees and staff
healthy all year long.

Treat yourself to a clean healthy office.

According to the studies and surveys, customers encourage a proactive
approach. EVS PRO anticipates problems even before they arise and tries to
eliminate them for smooth functioning and orientation of proficient results.
We understand the future needs and requirements and try meeting up the
level of expectations.

EVS PRO provides unique maintenance programs based on cleaning needs,
building location, traffic volume, and the nature of business. Beyond regular
cleaning schedules, we also target areas that require additional care in the
Spring and Fall for example, when technicians remove the winter salt that may
stain floors and cause irreversible damage to carpets.

Our clients look for us in case of special events also such as VIP visitors or plans
that require prep work and cleaning, so that everything is in place already.

EVS PRO cultivates a working culture and professionals with zero tolerance for
anything less than excellence. We make sure of doing a great job by
continuously taking feedback and suggestions from our valued clients. We
strive to build an environment where every team member feels appreciated,
supported, and respected.

EVS Pro has teams of dedicated professionals who are trained in the various
industry standards of cleaning, ensuring that your facility is meeting and
exceeding your pre-established cleaning standards.

The Core Values of A Successful Cleaning Company

1. Honesty and Integrity: A successful cleaning company must always be
honest with its clients and employees. It must maintain integrity at all times,
ensuring that its work is always professional and trustworthy.

2. Compassion: A deep compassion for clients and employees works for the
betterment of the commercial cleaning company. It should treat everyone with
respect, regardless of their position or status within the company.

3. Teamwork: A prosperous cleaning company must foster teamwork among
its employees. Everyone should be able to rely on one another to get the job
done efficiently and effectively.

4. Passion for Cleaning: Passion for delivering the best cleanliness with
sustainable methods prompts company’s reliability. It must be driven by a
desire to make the world cleaner and more livable, and not just look at the
bottom line.

5. Continuous Improvement: A successful cleaning company must constantly
seek to improve its methods and practices to stay ahead of the curve and stay

Living The Clean & Green Lifestyle With A Commercial Janitorial Service

People spend a lot of time indoors, with the levels of pollution being higher.
This is a major problem because the average person spends 90% of their time
indoors than outdoors. Furthermore, the chemicals traditionally used by
cleaning services are not only absorbed through the skin but can also be

When you hire an environmentally friendly cleaning service, like EVS Pro, not
only will you have a cleaner and greener work environment, but it will be
healthier and safer too.

Thus EVS Pro is based on a green and science-based model to reduce the
environmental impact. One way to do this is by using more environmentally
friendly cleaning products and methods.

Excellence & Wellbeing