Customized Commercial Cleaning Services

EVS PRO offers a Customized Commercial Cleaning Service plan designed to specifically meet the unique needs of different industries. Our cleaning programs are designed around the specific sanitation and hygiene concerns of our clients and their facility needs. No matter what type of business you run, EVS PRO has the training, experience, products and systems for spotless cleaning and hygiene in your workplace.

Environmental Service (EVS)

The Professional Cleaning of a medical facility, not only requires proper certification, but also close attention to detail and respect for privacy. Because medical facilities serve the needs of those in less than favorable conditions, it is our job to ensure their confidence in the cleanliness where their healing will take place.

UV-C Light & Ozone Disinfection Services

EVS PRO Provides Ozone and UV-C Light Disinfection Services to Help Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses in the Workplace. We are aware of how crucial maintaining good hygiene and having a clean, safe atmosphere are to the functioning of your company. Although conventional disinfection techniques have been in use for centuries, are they still effective? The truth is that hazardous bacteria and germs can get through even the most thorough washing using hot water, bleach, and disinfectants.
On the other hand, UV-C light disinfection is a fantastic addition to other techniques because it uses ultraviolet technology to quickly eradicate all germs and bacteria.

Sanitation & Disinfection Services

Keeping your business germ free is not difficult with EVS PRO. Our sanitation and disinfection services can help you keep your workplace clean. EVS PRO sanitation services are focused on removing debris and lowering the number of germs with the use of chemicals. EVS PRO is leading provider in offering Anti-Microbial UVC Light as most effective disinfection methods to give you germ free space without the use of chemicals.

Floor Care Services

Take Better Care of Your Commercial Floors & Let your commercial floors leave a lasting impression.​ Taking care of your commercial flooring, carpet and hard floor surfaces mean they will last longer and appear cleaner. A scheduled maintenance program with your EVS PRO commercial cleaning partner can help.

Custodial & Day Porter Services

Professional cleaning doesn’t always take place at odd hours or at night. Heavy traffic areas require special cleaning procedures. The EVS PRO porter services come with everything required to keep your company operating efficiently all day long. Our custodial services aim to keep the inhabitants of our customers’ facilities in a safe, healthy, and clean environment.

Post Construction Cleaning

A renovation can be energizing and revitalizing to your team and customers. Upon completion, however, it’s important  to clean up the colossal mess. A new construction or renovation project is also an excellent opportunity to evaluate and level-up your janitorial services. An experienced and capable post construction service provider can handle your renovation clean-up in addition to other projects you may want them to engage in. Our professional team would love to share ideas on how to make the most of  your construction/renovation project as well as assist in your frequent commercial cleaning needs.


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