Facility Maintenance Services

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Facility Maintenance Services

Customized Facility Maintenance Services & Solutions

EVS Pro can help your business operations and facility maintenance with a range of facility services.

Handyman Services
Our Subcontractors come with experienced crews and tradesmen and a commitment to Quality and Excellence. We take pride in our ability to assemble the best teams for our clients using highly skilled and qualified subcontractors that share our commitment to quality. They have the tools and the commitment to

Commercial Painting
Our painting happens on your schedule.
When it comes to painting, we do the job right every time. Our subcontractors are qualified, professional painters who ensure your satisfaction with any painting needs.you.

We provide the following commercial and industrial painting services:

Interior Painting

Wallpapering & Wallpaper Removal

Exterior Pressure Washing

Pest Control

As a trusted provider of commercial maintenance services, EVS Pro has developed Pest Control strategies for our customers. Our subcontractors have the resources, knowledge, and experience to solve your pest problems, and they work with us to ensure that your solution is tailored to your specific needs. With qualified and certified professionals, we are able to provide your facility with an integrated pest management plan that can include quarterly applications as well as emergency responses when needed.

Our subcontractors can resolve any pest issues that might face your business, whether insects, reptiles, mammals, or birds. We can take the worry out of your pest management needs. Our operators are certified, licensed, insured, and bonded. Certified providers adhere with health and safety laws, only providing the most appropriate and effective treatments for your business.