Specialized Floor Care Services

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Specialized Commercial Floor Care Services

Take Better Care of Your Commercial Floors &

Let your commercial floors leave a lasting impression.

Taking care of your commercial flooring, carpet and hard floor surfaces mean they will last longer and appear cleaner. A scheduled maintenance program with your EVS Pro commercial cleaning partner can help.
Whether carpet, hardwood, resilient, or tile, the floors found in your commercial facility require proper care to help them last longer, as well as reduce the potential for unforeseen germs. A scheduled cleaning maintenance program specifically designed for commercial floor care can help extend the life of your floors.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning services from EVS Pro are customized to each client’s individual needs. Our services can be tailored to the type of flooring you need cleaned, the square footage of your facility, the amount of traffic your floors are exposed to, and a range of other factors. We create customized cleaning solutions to help minimize the impact of floor cleaning on your bottom line and to help you keep your floors look better and last longer.