Science Matters – The Science of Commercial Cleaning

Science Matters - The Science of Commercial Cleaning 1

The Science of Commercial Cleaning


Science is a fundamental foundation of effective cleaning. Given enzymes and chemicals are combined to develop products that kill bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, it is important that your Cleaning Support Service Partner has a basic understanding of scientific concepts — how the world is structured, how it functions, and the microbiology and chemistry of cleaning.

According to The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), whose mission is to raise awareness about the importance of cleaning through scientific research, “what is in the air will go to surfaces and what is on surfaces — especially viruses, which are incredibly small and light — will go to the air. The solution isn’t to clean the air and forget about surfaces, any more than it is to clean surfaces and forget about the air. The solution is a combination of both.”

EVS PRO understands the scientific concepts for effective cleaning surfaces and the like as well as the importance of using eco-friendly tested cleaning products that significantly reduce the risk of germ transmission, which results in proven benefits for its customers.

Advancing the Science of Commercial Cleaning


While many people realize that commercial cleaning is an essential part of a successful business, some are often surprised that it’s also a science. With the right cleaning products and knowledge, your Cleaning Service Company can eradicate dirt, make your place of business look polished and inviting, and ensure that your office environment enhances your team’s overall wellbeing and health.

The worldwide demand for commercial cleaning services is increasing, according to global statistics, with the janitorial service market being valued at $252.79 billion USD (2019) and expected to grow 3.1% from 2020 to 2027. This gives businesses many choices when selecting a commercial cleaning provider. It is important to choose a Cleaning Service Partner who understands the science of cleaning, health & hygiene. EVS PRO made Cleaning science, environmental awareness, health and wellbeing are a fundamental part EVS PRO’s business ethos. Founder and CEO Tim Penev has education and experience in Biotechnologies, enabling EVS to continually provide its clients with effective, Eco-Friendly products and safe processes like UV-Light and Ozone disinfection to deliver highly effective and environmentally-safe methods of disinfection.

Most everyone appreciates a fresh and clean room, shiny surfaces, and the scent of clean and debris-free carpeting and furniture. Given world events, people are now equally interested in ensuring a clean office environment beyond what the eye can see – eradicating germs and bacteria. We now understand that lingering odors and germs we cannot see the impact the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Evaluating your Commercial Cleaning service

With one in six Americans suffering from allergy symptoms, allergens are costing excess
of $18 billion to treat every year, it is important that your commercial cleaning company
embraces both your visual image and space as well as the science of cleanliness. Do
they demonstrate their commitment by implementing best practices in janitorial
science and using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your building is cleaned
properly? Does your cleaning company have a color-coding system, using color-coded
mop heads, buckets, rags, microfiber cloths, and other hand tools that help reduce the
potential for cross-contamination? If they don’t, or worse, don’t know what you’re
talking about, perhaps it’s time to search for a new cleaning company, with in-depth
experience and a commitment to maintaining a healthy, germ-free, and clean work

Science Scores (More Points in Janitorial Service Google 5 star Reviews)


Progressive businesses are asking their janitorial providers about new guidelines and bestpractices in cleaning and if decontamination processes are safe for the environment. Over the last decade a most recently since the Pandemic, there have been major advancements in commercial cleaning and janitorial services, including a deeper understanding of the science and its techniques to keep facilities safe and clean. EVS PRO uses its knowledge, skills, and scientific approach to eliminate bacteria, microbes, germs, and cross-contamination from workplaces.

EVS PRO can show you how to improve the quality of your work environment


Looking for an experienced Janitorial Service company in Illinois who are aware of the science of cleanliness? You have found that Service Partner in EVS PRO. We provide quality services at a reasonable price, use best practices, and have the right training, and professionalism and state-of-art equipment to consistently ensure your environments are deep cleaned. EVSPRO has validated claims of excellence through customer references.

  • EVS PRO teams are screened, professionally educated, and trained, passing systematic inspections EVS PRO consistently delivers a weekly, stress-free cleaning services
  • We understand and use science as a basis of their cleaning services and approach
  • They practice continuous improvement and keep themself updated with the newest research for improving cleaning services to their clients. Their smart cleaning servicekeeps clients happy as they will enjoy budget-friendly janitorial service
  • There are flexible, individualized cleaning plans tailored to meet clients’ diverse needs. They are responsive and collaborate with their clients to solve any issues toensure they are exceeding expectations.
  • We are National Ozone Association Certified to offer effective and more responsivecleaning services across Illinois.

With one in six Americans suffering from allergy symptoms, allergens are costing excess

of $18 billion to treat every year, it is important that your

mop heads, buckets, rags, microfiber cloths, and other hand tools that help reduce the


potential for cross-contamination?

• We understand that every success comes with proper planning, and have designed our business to fulfil a promise of excellent service.

The EVS PRO team knows that you expect more than a clean scent or shiny service, and offers a customized program of science-based products and practices that clean, sanitize, and disinfect to ensure your personnel are safe, stay healthy, and productive.


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