Cleaning in the Digital Age: Vision for Successful Cleaners

Cleaning in the Digital Age: Vision for Successful Cleaners 1

Cleaning in the Digital Age: Vision for Successful Cleaners

Automated cleaning, aka robotics. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation have moved
from innovation to full-fledged operations, allowing service providers in the cleaning industry
to automate manual tasks and drive value through efficiency, consistency, and innovation.
For industries that include highly repetitive tasks, with manufacturing and warehousing
paving the way, automation has proven itself as an opportunity to extend a scarce supply of
labor resources. By incorporating automation, specifically robots into a cleaning service
portfolio, commercial janitorial organizations can meet increased client requirements amidst
rising labor costs, increase quality and safety.
Cleaning large commercial spaces, for example, hospitals, airports, malls, warehouses, and
workplaces with robots improves efficiency, reduces the cleaning time, better accommodates
client schedules, and can be done anytime. A robot can clean approximately 200,000
square feet of space in about two-and-a-half hours, as compared to a human team that
would take all night.
Artificial intelligence and IT technology are getting wider acceptance, as seen in the form of
smart taps, rubbish bins, odor management, floor care, etc. around you. New robotic
equipment enables commercial cleaning engineers to replace repetitive, time-consuming
tasks efficiently and effectively.
Time saved on labor assists cleaning companies to collaborate with customers on innovative
solutions using existing resources, standardizing cleaning processes, and providing true
cleaning performance data, each time you clean, which improves customer satisfaction and
the ability to delight their customers.
Every year, AI manufacturers develop different tools such as automated floor scrubbers,
designed with sensors, cameras, and sonar technology that effectively and efficiently mop
the floor and make it clean without any human operator. Also, they can easily sense the
mess on the floor and create the cleaning solution with the desired amount of water and
detergent, reducing operational costs by 70%.
Smart Facility Monitoring Solutions and Management Platforms can help monitor cleaning
journeys in real-time, from checking the level of paper towels to garbage-generated odor.
Such systems allow janitorial companies to analyze, work and continuously improve
according to real data.
With smart technology, AI can make a janitorial cleaning company’s offerings better and
easier to manage. The data they will gather will be beneficial, not just for them but for the
customer, as it matches them with the chance to hire the right cleaner.
Technology has advanced to the point where most new services popping up seem to allow
for a new business model. However, there are ways for you to innovate even in this fastmoving world – such as by digitizing the experience of being a cleaner and taking advantage
of AI-powered software.
Smart companies are collaborating with their cleaning service providers on how technology,
including robots, may improve their business processes. In a study by ABI Research, it is
reported that 150,000+ mobile robots will be deployed on the market. Robots allow cleaners
to work faster and more efficiently while also preventing accidents. For example, a robot can
navigate around tight spaces and avoid potential hazards. This makes it ideal for cleaning
high-traffic areas or areas that are difficult to access by human beings.
There has been an increase in the rise of robotics and innovative systems and programs that
bring greater efficiency and hygiene to an all-time high. Floor mopping robots are replacing
traditional floor scrubbing moppers, which are now producing more efficient, clean jobs with
less water usage. Unlike the former, scrubber dryers remove any dirt, pathogens, and
bacteria from surfaces completely.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has also been making a big impact on commercial cleaning
technology over the last few years. This technology allows machines to learn from their own
experiences and improve their performance over time, which can lead to significant cost
savings for businesses.

What Does Commercial Cleaning Have To Do With Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can help commercial cleaners automate their processes and ensure
tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. AI can also help identify problems before they
become big headaches and help create a cleaning plan that meets the business’s specific
needs. There are a lot of components to a commercial cleaning business, and AI can help
you focus on the right one.
When it comes to cleaning, there are always challenges, such as keeping people safe. One
of the most significant challenges facing commercial cleaners is the ever-growing demand
for cleanliness and disinfection. This challenge is made all the more difficult by increasing
viruses and germs and commercial buildings located in areas with a high level of pollution.
Artificial intelligence can help overcome some of these challenges by making cleaning more
efficient and effective.
One way that AI could help commercial cleaners is by automating certain processes. For
example, AI can be used to manage inventory and track which items need to be cleaned
more frequently. This information can then be used to create a cleaning schedule that is
tailored specifically to the needs of the business. In addition, AI could be used to identify
patterns of how customers interact with organizational belongings.
There are also ways that AI can help commercial cleaners when they are working on a
specific task. For example, AI could identify dirt and debris that may have been missed
during regular cleaning. This information could then be used to create a special plan for
cleaning that area. It could be used to monitor the environment inside and outside of the
building. This information could then be used to identify problem areas that need to be

Artificial Intelligence Symbiotic Relation with Commercial Cleaning

Artificial intelligence is changing the commercial cleaning industry, making it easier for
businesses to clean their offices and facilities more quickly and efficiently. AI has already
made a big impact in the retail sector, but its potential for the commercial cleaning industry is
immense. Here are four reasons why:
1. Automation: It can automate many of the tasks involved in commercial cleaning, freeing
up employees to focus on more important tasks. This means businesses can clean their
offices more quickly and with less effort, saving them time and money.
2. Accuracy: This technology is highly accurate in identifying areas that need cleaning. This
means that businesses don’t have to waste time and resources trying to clean areas that
aren’t necessary.
3. Efficiency: With AI at their disposal, businesses can speed up the cleaning process by
using algorithms that determine which areas need attention first. This reduces the amount of
time needed to clean an area, saving both time and money.
4. Cost Savings: It can also save businesses money by helping them to manage their
cleaning budgets more effectively.
5. Customized service: AI can help you create customized cleaning plans. This ensures that
your office spaces are always clean while minimizing your time on tasks that don’t need to
be done as often. It can help you automate certain processes, such as cleaning windows or
floors. It saves you time and energy and makes your business more efficient overall.

Artificial Intelligence and the Predictive Maintenance of Commercial Cleaning

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming one of the newest innovations in commercial
cleaning. Not only is AI a more efficient way to clean, but it also has the potential to save
businesses both time and money.
AI can be used to help with tasks such as scheduling, ordering supplies, and identifying
areas where staff may need extra attention. Because AI is constantly learning, it can
eventually become an autonomous cleaning system that completely takes over human
cleaners. In the meantime, businesses can reap the benefits of AI by investing in software
that helps manage their cleaning operations.
By understanding how AI works and incorporating it into your cleaning strategies, you can
ensure that your clients are always satisfied with the level of cleanliness their premises
receive. New technologies have made cleaning easier and more efficient, enhancing the
offering of rigorous services. High-tech software also enables smarter scheduling, more
efficient employee management, and effective data storage that could help with audits or

How Can AI Improve The Cleaning Experience At EVS PRO?

EVS Pro understands the science behind cleaning. Our education, knowledge, and research
are differentiators in the janitorial cleaning community. Along with this, we also continually
improve our cleaning approaches, products, and technology, to serve the best to our
customers. We educate our crew on how they should use the products and what will be the
best technique to make the environment healthy and suitable for living. We are the provider
who puts the right doses of chemicals in the water and takes cleaning to another level.
EVS Pro understands that some commercial equipment such as keyboards, computers,
machines, door knobs, taps, and fixtures get in contact with different hands. Thus,
maintaining their desired cleaning is a little challenging. But our team, make it possible. Our
cleaners use specific chemicals for specific surfaces, areas, and challenges.
Automation of cleaning equipment allows mundane tasks to be done by machines so that
people can come up with innovations and more productivity. EVS PRO’s commercial
cleaning services are guaranteed to keep spaces clean, which makes the environment more
physically and psychologically healthy. It is important to us that we help our customers and
clients by offering the best option and alternatives for problems.
Our director Tim’s ideas have gone beyond automation and ensure 100% customer
satisfaction. We do time-to-time inspections of the work done by our staff to ensure our
cleaning technicians do their work properly. We anticipate the things and requirements of a
place related to cleaning and offer our service. We make sure we are doing a great job by
accepting suggestions and reviews from our clients.
At EVS PRO we are committed to continuously prove to our clients, that their commercial
cleaning needs are always met.

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